The VH Mulcher: Innovative Industrial Cultivator & Soil Mixer

Discover the power of the VH Mulcher! Developed and proven in the rugged forests of British Columbia, Canada, the VH Mulcher offers state-of-the-art forestry mechanical site preparation for planting seedlings.

This industrial cultivator combines soil mixing and aeration to produce an enhanced, shaped micro-site, making it the ideal piece of cultivation equipment for reforestation, afforestation and reclamation. 

Industrial Cultivator for Site Preparation

Providing excellent support for seedlings, the VH Mulcher industrial cultivator is highly effective at producing a prepared planting site working within:

  • Forest Residue
  • Slash
  • Peat
  • Surface Litter
  • Duff
  • Organic Matter


Innovative Cultivation Advantage for Reforestation

Low Maintenance Industrial Cultivator
The VH Mulcher is extremely durable and requires little maintenance. The teeth require maintenance and hard surfacing after 400 to 800 hours, and daily greasing is only required for the main dirt seal in order to purge impurities. Since its release in 1991, the VH Mulcher has proven itself to be one of the most reliable industrial cultivators on the market.

Cultivation Equipment for Global Application
The VH Mulcher is a highly adaptable cultivator and soil mixer designed to perform in all climates and countries, for parcels of land 50 acres or larger. Weighing 3,200 pounds, the VH Mulcher easily attaches to an excavator 20 tons or larger and can be fitted with an optional hydraulic thumb for greater versatility. The VH Mulcher is the perfect cultivation equipment for all forestry contractors in the industry's reforestation sector.

Worldwide Sales
Since 1991, the VH Mulcher cultivator and soil mixer is sold from Alberta, available for purchase new or used, and shipped worldwide for forestry contractors around the world.