Van Horlick's Cultivator Planter "VHCP"

The Van Horlick’s Cultivator Planter “VHCP”, is the next generation of mechanized site preparation and reforestation equipment. This new and revolutionary tree planting machine will provide cost savings to the global forest industry. The VHCP is a highly productive and fully mechanized automated tree planter with an expected planting rate of nearly 10 times that of a single person. The VHCP can be utilized by all forest companies involved with reforestation or afforestation efforts, with additional benefits for those using container grown tree (or other species) seedlings.

Automated Cultivation & Tree Planting Advantage

The VHCP offers groundbreaking technology and efficiency in its ability to plant any species of container grown plants. Highly efficient for use in the Forest Industry, the VHCP seamlessly blends Agriculture and Forestry, allowing for the planting of forage or other plants along with commercial forest species.

The VHCP can be used as agroforestry machinery to cultivate and plant forage and commercial forest species simultaneously at a variety of densities. The 3 cultivator heads are easy adjustable and highly maneuverable during the cultivating and planting process. The VHCP can operate on diverse and rough terrain and its automated planting technology allows any number of species to be mixed for simultaneous cultivation and planting. The VHCP's high productivity rate of 1500 cultivated and planted spots per hour provides new beneficial economics to mixed species planting. The VHCP is a cost-effective and efficient automated tree planter for forest companies and those companies interested in food forestry, silvopasture and plantation establishment (for species like legumes, citrus fruit, and coffee crops, etc.). Increase your productivity and achieve significant savings in time and physical labour costs with the VHCP.

Mixed Species Planting for Agroforestry

Agroforestry is a land management system that combines the growing of trees with additional species, often forage crops. An agroforestry system enhances the overall production of crop and timber based products, while also providing social and economic benefits to the local community. The VHCP’s ability to plant mixed species can be used to combine agricultural crops in forest production systems to create an environment where trees, forage, and crops can be developed to their full potential. Replanting mixed species vegetation will also contribute to increased biodiversity and enhanced wildlife habitats.

Build Agroforestry Systems with the VHCP

The VHCP is particularly beneficial in creating an agroforestry system that integrates the use of agricultural crops. The VHCP can be used as agroforestry machinery to plant grasses and legume mixes between tree seedlings for cattle forage. The technology to grow virtually any species in a container is currently available at many forest nurseries. Legumes would be grown in a container at the Forest Nursery and out planted with the forest seedlings during the reforestation period. Similar to the planting of each forest seedling, each legume container would undergo automated cultivation and planting with the VHCP tree seedling planter. The growth of the legumes would provide soil nitrogen fixing, forage for wildlife and domestic stock, erosion control, and nectar for honey. Creating an agroforestry system with the VHCP would not significantly increase cultivation and planting costs, as the VHCP is an automated cultivator and tree seedling planter that uses the same mechanical effort to plant legumes and tree seedlings simultaneously.

Increase Productivity with the VHCP

At Tim C. Van Horlick Forestry Inc., our industry expertise has enabled us to understand the current industry needs and our tree planting machinery is designed to provide significant savings in time and labour costs for forest companies and both government and private sector clients. These savings can be re-directed to other forestry practices such as pruning, weeding, spacing, and fertilization. Our team is committed to promoting sustainability, biodiversity, and rapid forest growth. We are dedicated to offering high-quality, technologically advanced reforestation machinery produced at ISO 9001 certified facilities.

In our efforts to increase biodiversity and forest growth, we work alongside companies such as Jiffy Group, a world leader in providing nursery equipment, growing medium, and containerized planting stock of numerous species. Many of their products provide for ease of automation handling, reduced costs, high quality root systems, and superior growth attributes such as reduced transplanting shock.